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Art Furniture

Over the last few years especially, my work as an artist has rotated around the ways we create space and place-make. The pandemic forced my hands to find ways to work at home, and I was forced to evaluate the space I called home. In a time when half of the population has lost or is at risk of losing their homes, the other half has been forced to spend more time addressing the level of comfort in the home. When I made the transition to working from home, I quickly became aware of how my desires to be surrounded by personal, reflective and beautiful works of art were not being met, but I also did not have much space for creating more “things”. There has never been a time in history that surpassed our level of material “things'', and there’s no end in sight. My solution to these issues I was grappling with was to embark on creating furniture and functional home decor that satisfied my desire for art + creation, while pushing against made up boundaries of what a “couch” or “mirror” can look like.

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