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Channeling an enormous love for printmaking, in its most accessible forms, to create a space for community to connect and grow together.


The image above shows you which inks we currently have in stock to help make all of your print dreams come true.

- We can print things for you! Screen printing and relief printing services available.
- We can print things WITH you! Artists can bring their designs and work through the process of printing with our materials, in our space. (Coming soon, if you have a space to offer, send an email!)
- We LOVE to print free/donation based flyers for protests.
- Free prints on paper for BIPOC, free printing on any shirts/fabric you can provide, too!

to inquire about a print job or otherwise,
please email seetherbooks@gmail.com
ig: @seether___

Sustainability + Environmentally Friendly Statements:

Hey y'all, Lex here! One thing you may not know about me is that I've been vegan for 5+ years and I'm hellbent on preserving+healing the environments we rely on. That said, I've been a printmaker for 7 years, and finding the ways to print without the harsh chemicals was a must. Luckily, lots of other printmakers felt + feel the same way, so here's a list of the sweet products we use in the print space:

Ecotex Emulsion
Ecotex Emulsion Remover
Permaset screen printing ink
Simple Green cleaner
+ whatever biodegradable dish and soap we pick up from the co-op.
No paper towels, no excessive waste for proofing or packaging.
That's it! If you have recommendations for even better products, let us know!