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For the last 3+ years, I've operated as Seether Bookstore, an online and pop-up shop. Seether sells used books, zines and other printed goods. All of the proceeds from sales go to buying and sending books to incarcerated members of the LGBTQ+sex worker community. Books are purchased from wish lists compiled by incarcerated folks themselves, as we hope that sending these books can place a bit of power and community in their hands.
books Seether is an old word that was used to describe a big pot for boiling things for a neighborhood to enjoy. The bookstore, Seether, acts like a big ole boiling pot where many different folks contribute to the stew, for a community to enjoy. In this case, the community benefiting from our "stew" is incarcerated members of the LGBTQ+sex worker community.

You can follow us at @seether_bookstore on instagram to stay up to date on what's for sale, pop-up shops, donation opportunities and more!
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zinesforall Printed (still) Matters will be an annual publication that features interviews with folks who utilize or navigate independent presses and self-publishing to bridge gaps in communities. Everyone from folks who run independent presses to legengary zinesters. My hope is that P(s)M will act as a field guide for how zines, and any form of self-publishing, are tools for resistance, distribution, organization and expression.

Another part of this project involved me building a physical zine library, in WCU's SoAD student lounge, so check it out if you're in Cullowhee, NC! This library operates on an honor system, and is ever-expanding. There is a shelf for WCU students to feature their own zines, and will function as a shared space for networking. Providing an accessible space for these self-published works would not only inspire students to see the power they have at their own fingertips, but also connect them with folks near and far who are doing the same.

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