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For the last 3+ years, I've operated as Seether Bookstore, an online and pop-up shop. Seether sells used books, zines and other printed goods. All of the proceeds from sales go to buying and sending books to incarcerated members of the LGBTQ+sex worker community. Books are purchased from wish lists compiled by incarcerated folks themselves, as we hope that sending these books can place a bit of power and community in their hands.
books Seether is an old word that was used to describe a big pot for boiling things for a neighborhood to enjoy. The bookstore, Seether, acts like a big ole boiling pot where many different folks contribute to the stew, for a community to enjoy. In this case, the community benefiting from our "stew" is incarcerated members of the LGBTQ+sex worker community.

You can follow us at @seether_bookstore on instagram to stay up to date on what's for sale, pop-up shops, donation opportunities and more!
Get in touch directly by email: seetherbooks@gmail.com